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Keith Madsen


I’m going to hazard a guess that if you’re viewing this bio you’re wondering … who the heck is Keith Madsen or the Keith Madsen Group! So here is a little about us!

It starts with PERSONALITY…

Real Estate is a VERY personal industry where trust, integrity, relationships and creativity shape every transaction. The best realtors exude qualities of all of these areas and it is evident we are among the best with our ever growing base of EXTREMELY LOYAL clients. We continue to offer the best of the best in every facet of service for every single client we meet!

Second the name shows PROFESSIONALISM…SOLD!

Is the one word every buyer or seller wants to hear! All the time, money, thoughts and energy that goes into buying or selling a property culminates with knowing that the property of your dreams is now a reality! Buying or selling is one of the most highly emotional and high-risk transactions you can make in a lifetime and you need the peace of mind knowing your realtor is trustworthy, creative and can look out for your best interest amidst any adversity as a professional! Being a professional in your field is very important to clients, as it should be! We make sure we handle every transaction with white glove service and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction!

Lastly the overall vibe we portray as a group is to be DIFFERENT…..

In a good way of course! In an industry that is so oversaturated with choices, it makes it difficult to know and choose who will be the best Realtor for you! With technology constantly advancing it makes interactions more and more impersonal in an industry where personal relationships mean more than anything! We focus on building these relationships with our clients and know it is the relationships we build that are the exact reason we are the most referred realty group! We know that we may not be re-inventing the wheel in the Real Estate world but we are constantly innovating the experience and creative thinking behind ways people transact in real estate. Buying or selling real estate is always a period of transition in people’s lives and we want to make sure that it is always a transition for the best! If you feel our philosophy and our approach would be a good fit for your next transition feel free to contact anyone from our team at anytime and we will discuss how we can put our services to work for you today!

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